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Whisky Trails

Did you know, the word "Whisky" comes from the Gaelic "uisgebeatha" which means "water of life". Pure Malt Whisky is produced only from malted barley (barley which has started to germinate and then been dried to stop its germination). Single Malt whisky is identified by the particular distillery from which it comes. Blended or vatted whisky is produced from various distilleries. It is possible to get Malt whisky blended with other malt whiskies – but they are then not "single" malts. There is archaeological evidence that alcoholic drink was made in Scotland 6000 years ago!

Oban Distillery and Visitor Centre

In the centre of Oban in Stafford Street. Oban is one of the Six Classic Malts of Scotland. Enjoy your complementary dram and browse round the distillery seeing various processes of whisky making in action. Do not forget your Bottle of Oban to take home with you.

Ben Nevis Distillery and Visitor Centre-Lochy bridge, Fort William.

Situated on the outskirts of Fort William – you are welcomed by the site of the two resident Highland cows (aptly named Ben and Nevis). The attraction itself has some excellent displays and lovely whiskies to try. They also sell a mean bowl of soup and home baking in a delightful little cafe. 

Dalwhinnie (Diageo) Inverness-shire

Head past Fort William and onto Dalwhinnie for this award winning Whisky. A friend of ours does a lot of the artwork for signs in the Dalwhinnie area which are worth a drive there just for their artistic merit.

Tobermory, Isle of Mull (Burn Stewart Distillers Ltd)

Located beside the marina in Tobermory main Street. Well worth a stop if you are visiting the Island of Mull for the day. MacGochans bar is nearby for some tasty food afterwards. Good oppurtunity to buy a bottle to take home- but will it make it all the home unopened?

Glenturret Distillery in Crieff

One and half hours away but still worth a drive to have the Famous Grouse Whisky experience. Very well run visitors centre and distillery tours are great fun. Even if you do not like Whisky they make it sound so good that you are dying to have a taste by the end of the tour. Crieff is one of these great places with lots of great coffee shops and more than its fair share of non chain independent market town shops that everyone craves for now and again.